The Problem

Right now many polar bear mothers need to find a place to give birth their cubs, but melting sea ice is making some traditional denning areas less suitable. They are forced to swim further out to sea, or head inland closer to humans, in search of food for their cubs as the ice disappears.

An Arctic without polar bears is unimaginable, but your donation can help WWF provide a brighter future for mother polar bears and their cubs.

  • What is WWF doing to safeguard the polar bear? -In order to safeguard the polar bear WWF is doing a number of different things to help secure the future of polar bears. One of the main ways in which WWF is doing this is through social media. Websites such as Facebook , YouTube and twitter have massive following.  As a result exposure to WWF campaigns through these channels can help to gather more support for the polar bears plight. Here at Artichome we have employed the help of an seo company in order to raise our online profile and push the campaign to protect the polar bears. 


  • What is WWF doing to safeguard the Arctic?- Global warming is having a devastating impact on the planet as a whole. As more and more of the polar ice caps melt more and more polar bears are venturing further towards human settlements in search of food and shelter. This has tragically resulted in a number of deaths of humans and polar bears alike. As well as global warming drilling for oil in the artic is another major hazard that polar bears may face. The effects of an oil spill would be truly catastrophic on the polar bear population in the artic. Artichome is raising funds to prevent the destruction of the polar ice caps and preserve the ecosystem that is essential for polar bears to thrive.


  • What is WWF doing to tackle climate change?-In terms of climate change WWF has attended a number of climate change events and summits and has supported eco-groups in their pursuit to make more governments and people aware of the catastrophic results of climate change.


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WWF’s polar bear campaign, and our friends at Coca-Cola will match your donations